PVC Pipe Chanukiah (Menora) Project

PVC Pipe Chanukiah (Menora) Project

My family loves puzzles, Jewish holidays, and playing with ‘fire’- so this project wraps all those things together at once! This PVC pipe Chanukiah has help up really well. This clip is of my two year old and I co-constructing it- older kids can independently navigate it. In a classroom setting, I would likely put together multiple sets of the kit so students could experiment with different variations. I do NOT consider myself a particularly ‘handy’ human- so I was briefly intimidated by the use of the PVC- but if I can handle it, so can you!

This isn’t my original idea- all credit for that goes to the Bible Belt Balabusta who has all sorts of wonderful and interesting ideas.

“Puzzle” Pieces AKA Materials

I used all 1/2 inch PVC)

8 two inch pieces

7 four inch pieces (for base)

4 caps for base’s ends

1 cross joint

2 elbow joints threaded on one side (for the ends)

6 threaded T joins

3 unthreaded T joints

9 battery operated flickering candles
(I ADORE these and use them all the time- when I’m leading Shabbat celebrations for large groups of littles, I like to hand them out and the kiddos can ‘light’ the candles by flipping the switch on and then placing it into my Shabbat tray- which is a platter I’ve topped with play-dough so that the kids can securely ‘plant’ their battery operated lights upright).